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AEPC supports and endorses the development of the online Heart University Pediatric Cardiac Learning Center. The resources & materials on this online platform are freely accessible.

AEPC Council Members Nico Blom (Scientific Secretary) and Skaistė Sendžikaitė (Junior Councillor) are both involved as Associate Editors on the Editorial Board of the Pediatric Cardiac Learning Center.

The Pediatric Cardiac Learning Center aggregates existing materials and develops new online learning content.


Recently the Heart Unversity launched its first webinar series 'Contemporary questions in Congenital Heart Disease'.

  • No. 1 - Contemporary questions in the Tetralogy of Fallot: How can we avoid poor outcomes following late repair? The recording of this session is now available >>
  • No. 2 - Single Ventrical Fontan Heart Diease: How can we improve outcomes?

The 3rd webinar on 'Ebstein's Anomaly: How can we improve outcomes?' will be held on Wednesday 15 July 2020 from 10:00AM-12:00PM EDT. 

REGISTER NOW for this webinar >>

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