AEPC Certification of basic training in paediatric and congenital cardiology

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AEPC Certification of basic training in paediatric and congenital cardiology

The AEPC aims to establish a certificate of training in paediatric and congenital cardiology. Herewith the AEPC wants to ensure an equally high standard of training in the field throughout Europe which subsequently allows state-of-the-art treatment of patients with congenital heart disease in future. As the subspecialty of Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology is not officially accepted in all European countries, the AEPC certificate can be recognized as an international reference of high quality training in the field.

This certification can be achieved by paediatricians / cardiologists at the end of their training in paediatric cardiology. The Educational Committee has worked out the criteria to reach the AEPC certification in agreement with the AEPC council.

Two parts have to be fulfilled to be certified:

Part 1 - Education and experience and its documentation

  • Training in paediatric cardiology in the AEPC recognized training centres for 2-3 years depending on the general training in paediatrics or cardiology.
  • Documentation of the training in a Logbook, approved by the head of the training centre.

Part 2 - Exit examination

  • Passing a multiple choice exam containing 100 questions at the AEPC Annual Meeting. The first exam will take place on-site at the Geneva Annual Meeting in 2022.

The training should be in agreement with the AEPC recommendations as published in Cardiology in the Young: “Association for European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology Recommendations for basic training in paediatric and congenital cardiology 2020”.

Furthermore, the AEPC recommendations for training have been transferred into a “AEPC logbook”, (available for download on the AEPC website), in which all the training requirements can be documented by the trainee during the course of the education period.

The European exit examination is currently under development and will be held for the first time at the AEPC Annual Meeting taking place in Geneva, Switzerland from 25-28 May 2022.

Details on the exam and the potential candidates for the exam will follow.

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