A medical or scientific graduate who is committed to the practice and in advancement of paediatric cardiology and closely related fields can apply for Ordinary Membership of the AEPC.  Collegues in training younger than 38 years can apply for Junior Membership

AEPC has the following membership categories:


Junior Member

not older than 38 years


Ordinary Member



Senior Member

retired and/or >70 yrs


Honorary Member



Nurse Members and Allied Health professionals



How to apply for AEPC Membership

  1. Fill in the on-line membership application form. As an AEPC member, you will have free membership in one of our Working Groups, please remember to indicate which Working Group you want to join.
  2. You need to have two active Ordinary, Honorary or Senior Members that serve as references for your membership. For a Junior Membership application, one of the proposers should be the trainer.
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