Since its foundation in 1963, AEPC has grown to be the largest paediatric and congenital cardiology association in the world with more than a thousand members. An increasing number of members from outside Europe is joining our now global community.

We invite all professionals who are committed to the practice & advancement of paediatric and congenital cardiology and closely related fields to join AEPC as members and further advance our community!


The AEPC membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Membership fees are due annually. 

Starting with the membership year 2023, reduced membership rates are available to those from Low & lower Middle income countries as defined by the World Bank.

AEPC has three membership categories for which new members can apply:



Ordinary member (OM)

Medical and other scientific graduates who are committed to the practice and advancement of paediatric and congenital cardiology and closely related fields.

Junior member (JM)

Graduates, who are less than 38 years of age and in addition, are officially in a training program in paediatric cardiology or related fields in Europe or around the world.

Nurse & Allied Health Professional member (NM)

Nurses, technicians, and any professional, not classified as ordinary or junior member, who work in a paediatric and congenital cardiology unit (or closely related fields).

Besides these 3 categories, there are 2 additional categories for which you cannot apply as a new member:

Senior member (SM) - An Ordinary member who informs the association that he/she has retired from practice and/or is over 70 of age. Retirement should be sent in writing to the AEPC office before 31 January to adjust the membership.

Senior members maintain their initial membership benefits, apart from voting rights and subscription to the AEPC journal, Cardiology in the Young. They can pay a sum of money to maintain their journal subscription. Senior Members can attend the Annual Meeting or any other meetings organised by AEPC at member rates.

Honorary member (HM) - An AEPC member who has made important contributions to the development of paediatric and congenital cardiology and related fields and/or to the development of the association. Honorary members retain the rights of the original membership. The annual subscription and Annual Meeting registration fees are waived for Honorary members. Honorary membership doesn’t have a time limit.

Any AEPC member in good standing may propose nominations for Honorary membership to the council. The council shall decide who will be elected as Honorary member. More than one Honorary member may be chosen per year.


  1. Your application needs to be supported by two active AEPC Members that serve as references for your membership. You will need to upload a letter of support for each of your supporters. You may use the standard letter provided below, or your supporter can provide their own. Please note: the submitted letters need to be signed by your supporters. If you do not know two active AEPC members, you will need to upload a letter of support from the head of your department/centre instead. In addition, you need to upload your CV with your application.
    Download a standard letter of support here >>
  2. Fill out & submit the online membership application
  3. Make the payment towards your membership. Your application will only be reviewed when payment has been received. You will receive a automated confirmation upon submission of your application.
  4. In case of any questions, you will be contacted by the AEPC Secretary General.
  5. Your application will usually be reviewed & confirmed within several weeks.


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