Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

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Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Advisory Scientific Committee shall consist of a Chairman, a Secretary and Members. The Chairman shall be ex-officio the Scientific Secretary of the Council. The Secretary shall be elected among the Members.

The members shall consist of:

  1. the Chairman of each Working Group;
  2. the Chairman-elect
  3. the Junior member of the Council;
  4. any other member for a specific matter upon invitation by the Advisory Scientific Committee itself or by the Council of the A.E.P.C.

The Advisory Scientific Committee shall convene at least once during the Annual Meeting. It must:

  1. assist the Council in arranging the Scientific Meetings by suggesting scientific topics, Mannheimer Lecturer, State of the art-lectures, teaching session, ...
  2. make proposals for graders and grading system of submitted abstracts, make proposals for judges for prizes
  3. help co-ordinate scientific and/ or teaching activities of the different Working Groups.

Skaiste Sendzikaite

Junior Councillor 2018-2021

Clinic of Children´s Diseases, Institute of Clinical Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University
Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +37-067 124 784

Juan Pablo Kaski

Juan Pablo Kaski


Director, Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Diseases,
Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS, Foundation Trust
Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3JH
United Kingdom

Ewa-Lena Bratt


Senior Lecturer, Institute of Health and Care Sciences, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg
Arvid Wallgrens backe 1, 40530 Gothenburg, Sweden, Department of Pediatric Cardiology, The Queen Silvia Children´s Hospital/ Sahlgrenska University Hospital

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