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Imaging working group prizes at AEPC 2023

Last updates May 19, 2023

The AEPC Cardiac imaging working group has, in addition to the general AEPC prizes, again granted its own awards during AEPC 2023 Dublin.

On behalf of the imaging working group, congratulations to the winners and their teams!

Junior travel grants

5 travel grants of EUR 200 were made available to Working Group junior members who had submitted an abstract that was accepted for presentation at the Dublin meeting:

  1. Patricia Srnkova (Slovakia)
  2. Martha Esparza Jimenez Moran (Canada)
  3. Sara Moscatelli (United Kingdom)
  4. Corina Vasile (France)
  5. Samir Bhatia (India)

Best imaging abstract prizes

With these dedicated best imaging abstract prizes, we hope to encourage people to submit their imaging abstracts to future AEPC meetings. 

A total of 10 prizes were awarded to the best Imaging abstracts:

  1. EUR 500 O-41 More than 25 years experience in diagnosis and treatment of newborns with Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum - Giulia Tuo (Italy)
  1. EUR 300 O-42 Ebstein’s Valve Rotation Angle: a quantitative index of anatomical severity and clinical risk in Ebstein’s anomaly - Giulia Pasqualin (Italy)
  1. EUR 300 O-43 Double aortic arch: a comparison of fetal CMR, postnatal CT and surgical findings - Milou van Poppel (UK)
  1. EUR 200 P-149 Left atrial strain by speckle-tracking: incremental role in diastolic assessment of pediatric patients with chronic kidney disease - Gabriela Nunes Leal (Brazil) 
  1. EUR 200 P-161 Impact of Ventricular Geometrical Characteristics on Myocardial Stiffness Assessment using Shear Wave Elastography in Healthy Children and Young Adult - Aimen Malik (Canada)
  1. EUR 100 P-177 Automated measurements based on artificial intelligence software in pediatric echocardiography: a feasibility study - Xavier Iriart (France)
  1. EUR 100 P-139 Utility of longitudinal strain in depicting risk of major adverse cardiac events in children with diagnosed myocarditis - Nele Rolfs (Germany)
  1. EUR 100 P-158 Parameters of ventilation/perfusion matching at cardiopulmonary exercise test might detect asymmetric lung perfusion in Fontan patients - Alessia Callegari (Switzerland)
  1. EUR 100 P-172 Regional Elevation of Liver T1 in Fontan-Associated Liver Disease - Edythe Tham (Canada) 
  1. EUR 100 P-176 Early left atrial dysfunction by strain echocardiography in Duchenne Muscular dystrophy - Jarosław Meyer Szary (Poland)
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