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AEPC 2021 - Congratulations to the Award winners

Last updates Jul 1, 2021

The AEPC 2021 Gothenburg virtual meeting was a success with more than 1,100 participants and excellent scientific quality. In total 110 oral abstracts and 309 posters were presented at the meeting.

Each year the AEPC awards different prizes from the submitted abstracts. Winning one of these awards is recognition of the scientific value of the work done & also a great achievement. This year the AEPC selected 8 abstract presenters for prizes in the following categories:

  • AEPC and JSPCCS Young Investigator Award winner (YIA) (1,000 euro each)
  • Best oral abstract award: winner (500 euro), 2nd finalist (300 euro), 3rd finalist (200 euro)
  • Best poster presentation award: winner (500 euro), 2nd finalist (300 euro), 3rd finalist (200 euro)

Hereby we want to congratulate the winners on their awards:

Young Investigator Award - JSPCCS

Mitochondria-activated myocardial progenitor cell (MITO cell) transplantation therapy in a mouse model of ischemia and reperfusion
Daisuke Sasaki (Japan)

Young Investigator Award - AEPC

Atenolol Should Not Be the ß-blocker of Choice for Symptomatic Children with techolaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia
Puck Peltenburg (the Netherlands)

Best oral abstract award

1. The Prdm16csp1/wt mouse mutant confirms a critical role of Prdm16 for heart function
Simon Theisen (Germany)

2. Machine-learning based phenogrouping of echocardiographic data can predict the risk of death or heart transplant in pediatric dilated cardiomyopathy
Patricia Garcia-Canadilla (Spain)

3. Heart transplanted children have major immunological differences regarding T-cells compared with kidney transplanted children
Britt-Marie Ekman-Joelsson (Sweden)

Best poster presentation award 

1. Evaluation of different approaches for atrial septal defect closure
Danilo Hackner (Germany)

2. The Roles of mir-101, mir-1183, and mir-1299 in Acute Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease
Dolunay Gürses Turkey

3. Prevalence of obstructive and restrictive lung pattern in adults with congenital heart disease
Julia Hock (Germany)

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