Awards WG Pulmonary Hypertension and Heart Failure (WG PHHF)


Best oral abstract "Pulmonary Hypertension and Heart Failure" Awards, AEPC 2018 (2000 Euro and 1000 Euro) and the Best Paper Award on PH and HF (2000 Euro)

Best oral abstract "Pulmonary Hypertension and Heart Failure" Awards, AEPC 2018: 

The best 6 abstracts will be selected after the general grading process of the AEPC for oral presentation in a dedicated WG PH&HF Session by the PH&HF abstract selection committee. These best 6 abstracts will be selected from those abstracts submitted to AEPC Athens on the topics “pulmonary hypertension” and/or “heart failure” and already accepted by the AEPC SAC. 
The WG PHHF offers the 2 following Awards:
- 1.) The Best Oral Abstract PH&HF Award (2018): 1st rank = 2000 EUR
- 2.) The Best Oral Abstract Travel Award (2018) to attend the PH&HF workshop/Symposium in Paris, 10/2018 = 2nd rank (2nd best oral abstract) = 1000 EUR + free registration in Paris

Best Paper (Original Article) Award, at AEPC 2018: 
AEPC members, who are either trainees or junior faculty. The “best paper selection committee” will meet in Athens, on May 8 or 9, 2018, to discuss each submitted manuscript, and elect the winner of this Award (=2000 EUR).

Eligibility Criteria for the Best Paper Award, WG PH&HF are the following: The Applicant must be:
1.) AEPC member
2.) First author of the submitted original article
3.) Not senior faculty (i.e. graduate student, PostDoc, resident, fellow, junior faculty = Definition: within 2 years of subspecialty certification and less than 5 years faculty)
4.) Level of acceptance: Papers (Original Articles) in press are accepted for selection,
5.) Papers (Original Articles) published/in press 2017 or later will be accepted for selection!
6.) Applications (Cover Letter + CV + Original Article in one pdf file with a size of < 10MB) need to be submitted by April 30, 2018, to Georg Hansmann ( and in cc to Martin Koestenberger (
7. The selection committe may decide not grant the award in any given year, based on the submissions

Correspondence to:

Chair WG PH&HF à Georg Hansmann; Email:

or: Martin Koestenberger, Email: