Why become an AEPC member

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Why become an AEPC member

The members of the AEPC invite YOU to join the Society!

There are several reasons to join our Society!

Come and see what is waiting for you!

1) You will get a superb inside view in clinical and basic research of paediatric cardiology and in its affiliated fields during the annual meetings of the AEPC!

2) Registration fee for the meeting and the highly appreciated training courses preceding the meeting is significantly reduced for members and even more so for junior members!

3) You will meet friends, make friends and you will share experiences in private discussions you never will be able to get otherwise! You will learn a lot of things that are never exposed or expressed, however, very useful to know for your daily work.

4) You will be able to participate in specially arranged training courses, as for example courses in morphology, echocardiography, electrophysiology and catheter interventions. Top teachers in the field will spend their time for helping you to improve your knowedge and skills... for very reasonable registration fees and fair hotel price.

5) AEPC will offer a free journal subscription to ‘Cardiology in the Young’ (CitY) as part of the annual membership fee!

6) Finally the officers of the Association care and invest constantly their time for your future. They try to obtain harmonization of training in paediatric cardiology and recognition of the specialty in Europe.

7) A committee is now preparing a European examination and a European certification in the specialty and the subspecialties of paediatric cardiology. Although there is so far no legal use of this certification it will become highly appreciated for nominations in the professional field soon!

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