Professional Advisory Committee (PAC)

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Professional Advisory Committee (PAC)

Election of secretary at PAC meeting May 21 2014

The Advisory Professional Committee shall consist of a Chairman, a Secretary and Members. The Chairman shall be ex-officio the Secretary-General of the Council of the A.E.P.C.; The Secretary shall be elected from among the members; The members shall consist of:

  1. the Nucleus of the Board of National Delegates;
  2. any member for a specific matter upon invitation by the Advisory Professional Committee itself or by the Council of the A.E.P.C.

The Advisory Professional Committee shall convene at least once during the Annual Meeting and give advice to the Council on Professional Matters.


Hereby the latest information: The training institute and trainer requirements will be seen on this webpage

Hereby the guidelines for Continuous Medical Education

They were accepted in Strasbourg 2000 at the Annual General meeting.

In 2012 and 2013 the meeting of the National Delegates and the PAC meeting were merged due into one meeting. The forms for the PAC meeting will be discussed in Helsinki.

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