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AEPC scientific GRANT for Junior Members

The aim of this grant is to support scientific projects in the field of peadiatric and congenital cardiology in Europe. It is explicitly for work in the field of basic science,though all fields of clinical science will be considered.. Preference will be given to work performed in an international context, that is, in another European Country different from the unit where the applicant is actually working.
The AEPC will support Junior Members in full standing. Junior Members of the AEPC are
graduates, who are less than 38 years of age and in addition, are officially in a training programme in Paediatric Cardiology or related fields in Europe or around the world.
Applications will be submitted to the Educational Committee of the AEPC for consideration.. The application should consist of details of the potential project in no more than 5 pages of A4 typed double spaced. This should include the background and the hypotheses of the research program, a description of the project with a time line and a financial plan.
Additionally, letters of support from the supervisors must also be submitted. These should be from the director of the unit where the Junior Member is trained and the director of the unit where the study will be performed.
AEPC will expect a report (publication) on completion of the project.
The value of the grant will be up to 30,000 Euros and this support will be to cover individual costs, travelling costs and consumables.
All applications and supporting letters should be e-mailed to the Scientific Sectretary:
Deadline for submission is June 30th 2014 

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