Information for All Members

Dear AEPC Member,

PLEASE update your e-mail and postal addresses by indicating in the form
below the parts of your address that have changed ! The changes will be
automatically sent to the Secretary-General for the necessary corrections
in the members' database.

This is the only way for you to continue to receive mail from AEPC if
your address changes ! Your e-mail address is vital !
Please note that more than 10 % of AEPC members' e-mail addresses
in the AEPC database are wrong and are sent back to us !!!
Maybe your address is amongst those.
If you have moved or if your e-mail address has been changed please fill
in your new data in the form that opens when you click "my information" in the
upper left corner of your browser window .


For your information we show below AEPC's membership categories :


Junior Member

not older than 38 yrs


Ordinary Member



Senior Member

retired and/or >70 yrs


Honorary Member



Nurse Members and Allied Health professionals


The AEPC Secretary-General is :

Ornella Milanesi

Department of Paediatrics
University of Padova, School of medicine
Via Giustiniani 3
35128 Padua - Italy
Tel: +46-46-178262