Basic courses and meetings




 London, UK June 1-2, 2015Anatomy for
 London, UK, June 3-5, 2015Hands-on Cardiac
 London, UK, July 23-25, 2015Effective Prenatal Screening of Congenital Heart
 London, June 8-9, 2015Echocardiography in Congenital Heart
 Birmingham, UK, June 18, 2015Birmingham Paediatric Cardiac Workshop: Databases, Risk Profiling and Statistics to Complex Problems in Transposition and DorvMore info here,
 Rochester, Minnesota, US Aug14-16, 2015Electrophysiology Review for Boards and RecertificationMore info


 London, UK Aug 29-Sept 2, 2015European Society of Cardiology, Congress 2015More information here 
 Montreux, CH
9-12, 2015
4th European Conference on Paediatric and Neonatal Cardiac Intensive CareMore information here
 Lund, Sweden, September 25, 2015Sudden Cardiac Death - a Decade of CardiogeneticsMore information here
 Chicago, US, October 13-15, 201513th SPR Hands-On Cardiac MR Basic CourseMore details here

Chicago, US October 16-18, 2015

11th Advanced Symposium on Pediatric Cardiovascular ImagingMore details here
 Cardiff, UK, November 17-18, 2015Cardiff International Cardiovascular ConferenceMore details here and link to web site here
 San Diego, Calif, US December 3-5, 2015Innovations in Pediatric Heart Failure SymposiumMore details here 
 Rotterdam, Netherlands March  16-18, 2016AEPC Working Group Meeting: Psycho-Scoial Care from Fetus to AdultMore details here